Saturday, May 14, 2016

Second Sentence Saturday [ N.D. Jones, Petie McCarty, Clare Dargin, Sherry Alexander, & Dakota Madison ]

SECOND SENTENCE SATURDAY is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Jess of From Me to You ... Video, Photography, & Book Reviews. Anyone can play along! Click HERE to find out the meme's rules!

We're going to be playing along but with only the novel(s) that we are currently promoting instead of one(s) we are currently reading. ENJOY!

OUR Second Sentence(s) Saturday :

"Fire, Fury, Faith" [Winged Warriors Series, Book 1] by N.D. Jones [Promo Tour]
The melodic drums, tapping feet and clapping hands, boisterous laughter, and good cheer made her escape a surprisingly easy task.

"Cinderella Busted" [The Cinderella Romances Series, Book 1] by Petie McCarty [Promo Tour]
"Want to help me choke a couple zoning commissioners?" Lily Foster asked as she strode into the nursery office.
Her sales manager's eyes went wide.

** This one we added more than one sentence just so the second sentence would be understandable. 😉 **

"Wolf's Blade" [The Paladins Series, Book 1] by Clare Dargin [Review/Promo Tour]
He opened his clenched fist as the nails on his hand morphed into long dark claws.

"Merry "Chris" Mas" [The Love Play Matchmaking Service Series, Book 1] by Clare Dargin [Review/Promo Tour]
Warm air filled with a mixture of scented candles and acrid hair dye greeted his nose.

"Search for the Red Ghost" by Sherry Alexander [Promo Tour]
The Arizona air was already stifling.

"(Not So) Good in a Room" [California Dreamers Series, Book 1] by Dakota Madison [Review/Promo Tour]
I want to swipe at it, but I am frozen with fear.

"So Far Away" [California Dreamers Series, Book 2] by Dakota Madison [Review/Promo Tour]
If I had a dollar for every time I heard those two words in the last three months I'd be wealthy and not so desperate to find a job.

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